Saturday, May 1, 2010

съжалявам! Again! (Sorry, Again!)


So. I'm not even gonna talk, lets just get right into this. The first locale within Bulgaria is of course, the capital city of Sofia, pictured above. Here are some additional pictures I found, that I hope will explain in and of themselves, why I would want to visit such a wondrous city. I'll have you know, it's listed as my hometown on Facebook, haha.

The above is a picture of a market in Sofia. It looks like everyone seems to be into suit jackets/blazers, haha.

Here is a picture of a hotel in Sofia:

So now that you've seen some pictures of the more modernized Sofia, here are some pictures that show the history that is also very characteristic of this capital city.

here is one of the amazing cathedrals I am just dying to visit: St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, in Sofia, Bulgaria:

There are definitely more where these came from, and I will post them in the coming days, but sit tight! Priyaten weekend!